Steroids cycles

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Updated 10-11-2018
Many “Fancy” sites give incredible, hard to believe, and even dangerous cycles for a beginner, to be able selling more GEAR. With the cycles below we are trying to show you some reliable, mild and affordable cycles.

Remember: cycles are being different for each person, depending on there experience, body weight, intensity of training, goals, budgets and many other elements. These cycles are the most common ones in the bodybuilding field.

This is a good cycle for bulking reason and defining.

A typical beginners cycle for bulking reason:

8 weeks Deca + Sustanon + Dianabol cycle for bulking reason:

6 weeks d-bol + Deca cycle for weight gain:

Extreemly effective cycle, great for bulk.

Beginners Info:
For a lite and secure kick it is not wise to use more than needed. It will be beter to experience the effects of it before using more mgs of any drug.
Mass gain for beginners:

With a 6 weeks cycle on Deca-durabolin, no need for Clomid.
Deca + Dianabol
Mass gain for beginners:

Deca-durabolin + Dianabol + Clomid

Mass gain:

Sustanon + Dianabol
Sustanon is a bit more agressive than Deca.

Mass Gain:


Cytomel = non-steroidsal (Fat loss)
Cytomel at 25mcg per paper square 21 day cycle.

Take papers/drops divided throughout the day.

Clenbuterol = non-steroidsal (Fat loss)

Take tablets divided throughout the day.
If you take them in the evening you might have problems falling asleep.
You can take Clenbuterol continuously 3 weeks on 3 weeks off, or 2 weeks ON, 2 weeks OFF.

DNP = non-steroidsal (Best Fat Burner ever)
Dosages here were taken by men. Women used to take 50% of this cycle for the same period of time. Capsules are taken divided throughout the day. If capsules are take in the evening, problems falling asleep may accure. A person who take the choice to use DNP should drink more water than usually (be wise), taking multi vitamins, anti-oxidants, and minerals while on DNP should be considered.

DNP 100 mg, $120/100 caps.

Remember: each person react differently to the same drug.
You can take DNP continuously 7-14 days long ONLY, some goes to 21 days, NOT more. Read more about DNP before using.

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